This is Parul. I design, run and work as Pculiar Designs. Pculiar is a store which will satisfy your creative and design needs right from the photograph you want to put up on your wall to your blog design and even your save the dates site.

So what did I do? How am I qualified to be designing?

I studied architecture and have been working as one for over five years. Designing is a big part of what I studied and have been doing.

Not only that I run a travel website and have never hired anyone to design for it. I have self taught myself how to design and write code for blogger.

What can your expect from my store?

Clear and precise communication along with good looking products. If there is some custom assignment you are looking for send in a mail so that we can work it out.

Why should you buy from me?

Simple, you like things I make and you get awesome support while using them.

But your prices are higher!!!

Are they really? Well I do try to keep the prices down. I know how hard it is to dish out money. but if you still feel that it should cost less please contact me I might have something else that fits your requirements.